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The PAK MKII is a compact, highly integrated system for the measurement and output of precise, high-speed analog and digital signals.

Both standard and complex multi-channel tasks are addressed by the same modular platform which can be freely configured as small troubleshooting solutions or large, distributed systems.

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Proven to with stand fluctuations in technology

With a heritage dating back to 1989, the PAK MKII has maintained the same solid foundation since its inception. Today our single structured platform remains unchanged with only continuous improvements and expansions made to incorporate on-going pathbreaking technologies. Standards incorporated into the PAK MKII like VMEbus, WLAN and Ethernet, are not only powerful and versatile but most importantly, stable and sustainable. This is mainly due to these standards’ common use in aerospace, defense as well as professional instrumentation and control systems.

The PAK MKII makes use of a professional real time operating system, namely Windriver’s VxWorks®, on all its System Controllers. This ensures fast, logical and safe decisions when operating as a standalone unit.

Robust mechanics

Machined from aluminum, the PAK MKII is designed to withstand shock and vibration while operating in environmental temperatures from -20 °C up to +55 °C depending on system configuration. All Mainframes are internally conduction cooled ensuring that no dusty air circulates within the Mainframe. Some Mainframes never require fan cooling while others contain fans which only operate under high temperatures. In all cases fans can be switched off during sensitive acoustic measurements. The period for which the fans can remain switched off depends on the system configuration and environmental conditions. The fan of an MF06 Mainframe (if fully populated with 80 ICP® channels), can remain off for up to 2 hours when operating at 22 °C.

The PAK MKII makes use of a professional real time operating system, namely Windriver’s VxWorks®, on all its System Controllers. This ensures fast, logical and safe decisions when operating as a standalone unit.

Modular configuration

All Modules are designed to be readily interchangeable. This enables each measurement test to be perfectly configured. Many users own more Modules than can fit into their Mainframes so that the perfect combination for every test is always achieved. To reduce power consumption, Modules which are not required for a particular test can be switched off.

Expandable in part

Additional Modules can simply be added to provide more channels in a particular system, or to support a new sensor. In this way, users benefit from consistent improvements like finer performance balances, higher dynamic ranges, higher sampling rates, improved analog quality as well as lower noise and distortion. Some users start with a larger Mainframe than what is initially required and close off the empty Module slots with blank front panels. These blank front panels are then easily replaced with new Modules as the need arises. Partial upgrades are usually possible. This allows users to upgrade existing configurations. As our standards-based concept is extremely sustainable, components from different generations can often coexist in the same Mainframe. Users are able to take advantage of this concept by refreshing their system on a regular basis for different or more advanced measurement tasks.

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Multifaceted mobility

Due to the PAK MKII’s compact form factor and extremely high channel density, larger Mainframes are often used for mobile applications. In other applications some users may prefer a smaller Mainframe or a number of smaller synchronized Mainframes for the same task.

Meets the demands of multi-channel high-speed measurements

For higher channel counts or distributed measurement positions, an unlimited number of synchronized Mainframes can operate together as a single Mainframe. Users consequently benefit from shorter signal cables, reduced cable noise and reduced cabling faults as each Mainframe can be positioned exactly where it needs to be, close to the measurement position or test candidate.

Able to operate as a standalone unit

Standalone mode is an optional feature that allows the PAK MKII to operate independently. When acquiring data as a standalone system, an Android™ or iOS™ mobile device can be used to setup, control and monitor measurements on the PAK MKII through PAK capture suite over WLAN. The interfacing device can connect or disconnect without affecting the measurement.

Writes data to local storage for enhanced security

Local Storage allows the PAK MKII user to store measurement data on an internal Solid-State Disk (SSD). Data can be retrieved and analyzed independently at a later stage. Local storage has two distinctive purposes - the first is so that the PAK MKII can operate as a standalone unit and the second is to provide a local copy of critical data should problems occur with the external Ethernet link.

Measurement and Monitoring of

PQ30 G2, ICP42 G2, ICP42S G2, ICT42 G2, ICT42S G2, ICS42 G2, ALI42 G2, ALI42B G2, DCH42S G2, CHG42S G2, THM42 G2, MIC42X G2, WSB42X G2, WSB42 G2, ALO42S G2, CAN42 G2, FLX42 G2, ECT42 G2, GPS42 G2, IRG42 G2, DAR42 G2

to our range of signal conditioning amplifiers


Each Module is optimized for a specific task while some combine different functions in one Module. Modules are continuously under development to accommodate new features and the latest technologies.

  • Measure parameters such as voltage, vibration, acceleration, pulse - period, sound, strain, force, pressure, displacement and temperature.
  • Output analog voltages.
  • Interface with GPS, IRIG, CAN, FlexRay™.


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